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My name is Daniel Hoang. I am a freelance artist based in London (UK). I specialise in illustration and design for publishing and the entertainment industry.

In 2010 I graduated at De Montfort University of Leicester with a degree in Game Art Design. After my studies I worked at Codemasters for 2.5 years as a 3D Environment artist and Concept Artist on Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Bodycount and GRID 2.

In 2012 I moved back to London where I'm currently freelancing.

Koan Sound & Asa - Sanctuary

I created the artwork for this music video. You can watch the full video HERE. Below you will find some artwork stills without any VFX. Animation and VFX by John Weeks Design




Substrata is an art book with proceeds going to charity - more info here

Personal work

A collection of personal pieces:


I created this illustration to accompany my remix of Shura's song 'Spoke in the Voice of an Older Man'. You can listen to it HERE.

Asa & Stumbleine - Your Secret EP

Cover art for the wonderful collaboration between Asa & Stumbleine. Listen to it HERE.


Interiors and crime scene


More coming soon...


I produced a range of work on GRID 2 ranging from concept art, paintovers, 3D environment art & marketing visuals.

 Arc de Triomphe night (above) - In collaboration with Dan Oxford

Screenshots of the buildings and trees I made for Paris and California (Arc de Trimophe by Richard Priest)

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Here are the various eco sets I created for this title


Loughborough Grammar School

Modelled in 3DS Max


A couple tests focusing on realistic surface materials


Art Style Exploration

Some fun character concepts exploring different art styles